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Start a Business

LLC, Corporation, or any new company with

We only charge you $100 to form your new company.

Starting a business or getting a new company registered is exciting. Whether it’s late at night, at a coffee shop, a public library, or right in the middle of a board room meeting, we all start out searching online, grasping for any bit of information that will help you make your decision to start your new company.

We understand you may be nervous, you may be excited, or you may have done this before and just want to get it done so you can start a business.

Our goal at is to quickly and efficiently get your new company started, so you can start making money.

We wish you the best of luck with your new company.  We’re excited for you, and we’re just like you!  Working every day and night to better our services, streamline our processes, and try to provide something unique.

The Inkeration Monsters LLC is still working though logistical details of offering our LLC and corporation services to the general public. We have had to limit our orders to existing law firm clients. Through the process we have interviewed 6 different registered agent services to use in states other than Georgia.

Our favorite at this point is Northwest Registered Agent LLC. We plan on using them on a sub-contracted basis for our clients. If you need the services of a registered agent you can sign up on their website directly. They also do corporate filings such as LLC filing and corporation filings. We like them the best because of their honest approach to doing business. From the standpoint of servicing an incorporation filing service they have demonstrated the best offerings for a service like ours and we feel comfortable referring our clients directly to them.

LLC or Corporation?

The LLC is most common type of new business formed now.

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The Corporation is the traditional business structure

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