Company Contact

Your customers need to be able to reach you...and pay you.

If you're just getting your new company started, you may be laying out a foundation to insure your future success. There's nothing wrong with that. But at some point, you will need to start bringing in money to support your business. To do that, your customers will need to be able to contact you.

Take this website for instance. At this time, we're busy working on:

  • Overall site architecture
  • Site content
  • Page design
  • Navigation
  • Etc.

In a few weeks, we expect to be through the web development phase and have a functional website up and running. For now, we don't have any contact information available on this site because we're not ready to put our best foot forward with customers.

Your business may face a similar obstacle. It's okay to hold out on releasing your contact information until you're ready.