Start a Business

Way number 4 to start a new company with

Make your boss your business partner

It's easy to view your boss as the enemy. Of course it depends on how you're treated, how much you're paid, what kind of benefits come with the job. The better those things are, the more satisfied you can be with a job. Of course the opposite is true too. If you're not treated with respect, not paid enough or you're in a job with little or no benefits, you probably won't be satisfied with your job or your situation for long.

But what if you could turn it around with your new company. Let's say your worried that your company may be downsizing and that your part of the business might be headed for the chopping block. With a good pitch, you may be able to convince your boss to spin off your part of the business rather than shut it down.

Obviously, you have to have a pretty good business plan put together. And your boss is going to have to believe you've got the skills to make it happen, but something like this could be your springboard to success.